Concrete look on the wall

New product from MKL SolidTechnology GmbH, developed by WALL RAPTURE, Bautzen. WALL RAPTURE concrete look as wallpaper in interior design for painters, drywallers, interior decorators and designers.

The wallpapers are 100% handmade in a manufactory in Germany, which makes each sheet unique.

FINEST INDUSTRIAL DESIGN – visible concrete look, tangible concrete feel.Genuine craftsmanship: from production to project implementation.


Concrete for wallpapering: light, flexible material

The sheets are 300 x 100 cm, rolled up in a cardboard box, including glue, modelling and jointing compound. The surfaces can be designed in different colours and structures and can be individually printed with a logo or motif. The joints between the individual strips are filled with the modelling and jointing compound and can be individually designed, and are always tight. Once wallpapered, an appealingly clear and standardised surface unicum is quickly created, without additional surface treatment. The surfaces, which vary in structure, are versatile and offer every designer, interior designer, craftsman or private, domestic household completely new possibilities in their application: from walls and ceilings to furniture surfaces.

Visible and tangible concrete feel, mineral

The thin-layer mineral surface coating comes in different variations and provides a unique industrial, timeless look. The wallpaper surfaces are 100% handmade in a manufactory in Germany, each sheet is unique. The product is flame retardant.

We will be happy to send you a sample fan to convince you not only of the quality, but also of the look and feel.

Selection from product portfolio

The advantages at a glance

  • Over 70 % Rock (mineral)
  • Concrete for wallpapering
  • 100 % Hand Made in Germany
  • industrial design
  • Everything from a single source: adhesive, grout and surfaces
  • Handmade wallpaper: handmade filler surfaces,
    of consistent quality; each web is unique
  • Mineral; visible concrete look and tactile concrete feel
  • BPA free
  • Simple, fast and uncomplicated to process
  • No construction dust, no construction noise
  • This flexible wallpaper is versatile;
    also easy to process on curves and edges.
  • Application on almost all load-bearing substrates
  • Minimal substrate preparation
  • Joint design as desired and always tight
  • Odourless
  • For every designer, interior decorator and craftsman
    many new possibilities.
  • Can also be processed optimally in the private, domestic area
  • Our products are produced, packaged and transported in a SUSTAINABLE way; there is no plastic waste during assembly, contrary to common spatula techniques.

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