UltraLow paint have been developed for use in extremes. They are a sustainable solution against mould and, or algae, both indoors and outdoors.

Inner paints anti-mould

UltraLow anti-mould, dispersion is a abrasion-resistant inner paint on smooth and rough surfaces. It is ideally suited for paint-ready basic plasters, precious plasters, synthetic resin plasters, plaster plasters and plasterboard, as well as on rough fibre wallpaper, fibreglass wallpaper and durable, dispersion-bound old paints.

UltraLow anti-mould, silicate is an inner paint on all paint-ready basic plasters based on lime, lime cement and cement as well as on clay plasters.

Exterior paints Anti-algae

UltraLow anti-algae, silicone is a solvent-free, water-repellent and highly water-vapor-permeable facade paint with a mineral character, suitable for all types of plaster and mineral substrates. It is very well suited as a balancing paint for mineral ip top plasters and precious plasters. Other applications include renovation coatings on solid and durable plasters and old paints based on silicates, silicones and dispersions.

Power-UltraLow-Anti-Algae, silicate is manufactured on the basis of potash water glass and organic stabilizers. It can be used on silicate plaster, on all mineral plasters, solid and flower-free natural stones and on limestone masonry. UltraLow anti-algae/silicate is ideally suited for the renovation of old silicate paints and silicate plasters.