switch and warm ® (F) is a 0.4 mm thin carbon fiber heating film. The infrared heating film generates radiant heat with a safe low voltage. The desired heat requirement for the room is calculated according to the predetermined plan and the U-values of the surrounding components.

This heating film is poured into the wall, ceiling or floor. It is also suitable for wet rooms and can subsequently be applied to tiles and tiles.

The advantages of switch and warm ® (F) lie in the wall temperature control and thus to avoid condensation and mold, possible with an internal sensor for controlling the dew point undershoot.

  • Uniform and fast radiant heat from infrared
  • Energy-efficient heating as low-temperature surface heating
  • Healthy indoor climate thanks to optimized heat distribution without dust turbulence

Easy installation of the heating foil system

  • Pre-assembled system modules for low installation effort
  • Diffusion-open, spatelbare heating foils with a double-sided laminated tile material
  • Optimal installation with an MKL lime filler in PurNatur in extremely thin-layer design
  • Execution by MKL-certified entrepreneurs possible
  • No damage due to boreholes or recesses within the heating surface
  • Long service life and maintenance-free operation
Possibility of attachment to various areas

Ceiling, wall and underfloor heating

switch and warm ® (F) can be used as a

  • Underfloor heating
  • Wall heating
  • Ceiling heating
  • Step and seat heating

indoor and outdoor use and in wet rooms.

Extensibility of the switch and warm system

The complete system

switch and warm ® (F) you are one step ahead of the time in the conversion, renovation, renovation or modernization with this environmentally friendly technology and the high-quality materials of the time.

In the case of an extension with additional rooms, this heating system offers the advantage that the existing heating does not need to be extended.

As the main heating for new buildings that meet the standard as a low-energy house, the heating elements are calculated according to the plan and individual wishes of the client by an experienced expert. Sustainable and forward-looking.

Heating film can be drilled for installation

Drilling – No problem!

The affixing of accessories on heated surfaces is no problem. The heating mats can be safely pierced. (Not in the margin)