MKL swamp lime paint PurNatur® is a lime paint for living and working spaces, which can be individually and creatively tinted with natural paint pigments and is very easy to paint.

Our swamp lime paint absorbs a lot of moisture from the room air and releases it quickly when airing. It creates the balance for good and clean air. It enables sustainable and pollutant-free living, without mould and fashion.

With the swamp lime paint PurNatur® you do not give mould and algae a breeding ground

The swamp lime paint is inorganic and therefore does not provide a nutrient soil for microorganisms such as mould and algae. An infestation from the wall spider is also excluded.

Building materials made of lime or swamp limestone have a historical tradition, always combined with well-being and timeless beauty. They create atmosphere and are always up-to-date in their diverse possibilities in colouring.

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