With a few brushstrokes you manage to develop the desired rust patina step by step and individually on objects made of wood, metal, glass, PVC, plastic and stop at the desired time of the process With simple and special tools you design the desired patterns, ornaments. These work steps can also be carried out on walls on a large scale.

OXXIDO FERRO for indoor and outdoor use. The result is the real rust effect similar to Corten (Corten-Steel effect). You design your living and working rooms, shops, rooms of gastronomy, wellness areas with accents. You compose with your imagination ornaments, color accents with lightness, depth and dynamics. They create modern and luxurious décor, be it for shappy chic, colonial style, minimalism, retro look.

With OXXIDO you define a connecting element in your rooms, set a conscious accent – it depends on you. The omaments and colors are your artistic creation.