Handmade moss picture

Each moss image is produced by hand, we supply every frame you want, whether real wood, or veneer, or painted according to RAL. For projects, we manufacture centimeters exactly to the customer’s final dimension and supply an assembly plan, or come to assemble ourselves. We also advise on site if it is desired together with your customer. Our mosses are dipped in preparation, not only painted, so it is green on the outside and inside and provided with preparation, thus drying out, or in case of wet sea action, moulding is prevented.

Numerous moss wall claddings and a wide range of moss pictures will amaze you and stimulate your own creativity. You can also look forward to a number of new reference images of current projects.

Moss Colour Fastness Guarantee

For our exceptional quality we guarantee with a colour fastness guarantee of 5 years.

It has been scientifically and psychologically proven that the color green, as the color of nature, has a very calming effect on people. Do you want your employees to work more creatively and stress-free?

Take advantage of a whole range of positive properties that the moss offers in its naturalness.

The MOOS•MOOS products are absolutely care-free.

When setting up office space, it is important that employees can work in peace and concentration. Our moss products are very helpful because they have a certified sound absorption level of 60.

In addition, the moss independently regulates the humidity in the room and has an antistatic surface.