Vivastile-Marmorino is a lime filler with a sin-coloured marble effect, for indoor and outdoor use. Vivastile-Marmorino is made of extinguishing lime and different marble dust with suitable grain. Can be used as a filling base for VIVASTILE RASATURA (scratch plaster) for a glossy (polished) final layer with marble effect.

Our variety of colours offers you the most varied possibilities to bring your personal touch into the marble effect. The available colors for Vivstile-Marmorino are based on white plus 24 colors from the color chart. This allows us to display a total of 240 shades from the “Historical Collection”. The lime spatula is applied with an American steel filler.

Yield: 1.3-1.5 kg/m2 (double application)


Please download the PDFs on the subject of Marmorino here.

Vivastile Marmorino