Vivaldi® lime products from La Calce del Brenta are made from pure mineral, wood-fired swamp limestone and the finest Italian marble flours.

The white lime filler is mixed with light-fast pigments. The techniques allow an infinite variety of different possibilities of wall design.


Vivaldi® Stucky

Mineral stucco with a glossy effect, consisting of wood-fired fire-fighting lime and selected small marble particles, which is used both inside and outside.
With Vivaldi® Stucky you create spaces rich in emotions and colors: shiny beautiful!

Vivaldi® Assolo

Silky marble gloss enhances the special effect of the room, depending on the light.
Marmorino made of wood-fired fire-fighting lime + marble powder with suitable grain for interiors and exteriors.

Marmorino can be used as a coating with silk effect and also as a filling base forVivaldi® Stucky.

Vivaldi® Petra

Paste made of deposited and wood-fired extinguishing lime + high-quality marble flour for interiors and exteriors, to recreate the magic of the stones and their processing.

With the appropriate tool, 6 different surface effects can be created:
Travertine – Antiqued – Striped – Flame Effect – Rolled – Crowned.
Countless perfectandand and harmonious combinations are possible.

Vivaldi® Essences

Vivaldi® Essence di Colore, allow an infinite number of individual shades.

The color essences are available in doses of 1/3 of 50 ml, 50 ml and 150 ml.

12 standard shades:
Lime (lemon), brine (sun), Miele (honey), Tabacco (tobacco), Rosso (red), Arancio (orange), Pesca (peach), Fucsia (Fuchsia), Verde (green), Blu (blue), Zinco (zinc), Nero (black)

Special tones:
Argento (silver), Oro (gold), Bronzo (bronze)

Iridescente Blu (rainbow blue), Iridescente Verde (rainbow green)

Vivaldi® Contrappunti

Marble powder in black marble from Aquitania for a dotted effect in Vivaldi® Stucky or Vivaldi® Assolo.

Vivaldi® Lixia

mix of high-quality waxes and soaps for interiors to create the shine
by Vivaldi® Stucky and Vivaldi® Assolo.

The ready-to-use wax soap is only suitable for indoor use.

Vivaldi® Sospiri

As if worn by a musical composition, the semi-covering mineral coating moves on the walls to create slightly veiled effects.
For interiors and exteriors in soft tones and soft color gradations.