MARMOSANOVerde ® swamp lime filler for indoor use

Swamp lime is a natural, healthy and sustainable building material for your rooms. These inorganic raw materials from the swamp lime filler create a healthy indoor climate for “breathing through”.

Manufacture of swamp lime filler

The basis for the production of MarmosanoVerde is wood-fired, noble swamp limestone, which is treated with pure spring water. In the manufacturing process, the swamp lime filler is adjusted by natural additives so that a lot of moisture can be stored between. This process then also quickly releasemoisture even when airing.

Multifaceted and unique – MARMOSANOVerde®

This swamp lime filler can contribute to individual and practical interior design and become an atmospheric inspiration. With paint, tools and additions of glitter and minerals, a magic is created on the wall: whether modern, geometric or magnificently oriental. With soft colours, this natural material sets beautiful accents and brings a sustainable feel-good atmosphere into the room.

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The advantages of the swamp lime filler at a glance

  • Stabilizes the humidity in the room and absorbs excess moisture and releases it during ventilation
  • Acts disinfecting and preventive against mould due to the alkaline pH of 13.0
  • Easy to process, recommended for renovating/modernizing living and working spaces, kitchen, wellness
  • Decorative in structure and colour with infinite possibilities

Applications of the swamp lime filler indoors

  • Living + Working,
  • Food
  • Sleep
  • and especially for the home “wellness” bath.
Give yourself and your family the opportunity to live healthy and beautiful. Live individually, creatively and healthy with MarmosanoVerde® our swamp lime filler.

Please download the PDFs on MARMOSANOVerde® here.


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