Saving energy sustainably and conserving resources

  • Free planning by Halmburger

  • 5-year warranty by manufacturer

Clear advantages of living room ventilation with heat recovery

  • Single-room solution
    Ventilation levels of each individual unit individually adjustable
  • Particularly quiet – therefore also suitable for dormitories
  • Low operating costs
    10.25 Euro electricity costs per device per year with an air output of 12 m3/h
  • Easy installation
  • No central control required
  • No costly piping installation required
  • No need for extensive maintenance and cleaning of pipelines
  • No measurement of supply and exhaust air valves required
WRL-K 75
Luftleistungen der Lüftungsstufen10-12 - 20 - 30 - 45 m3/h, Intensivlüftung 60 m3/h (bei Filter KFS/KF5)
Wärmebereitstellungsgrad bei obigen Lüftungsstufen94,5 - 90,9 - 83,3 - 76,4 - 713 - 68,4% nach DIN EN 13341-8 bei 7°C - zuluftseitiges Temperaturverhältnis
Leistungsaufnahme bei obigen Lüftungsstufen3,8-3,9-5,0-71-12,3- 22,5 W nach DIN EN 13141-8 bei 7°C (bei Filter KFS/KF5)
Leistungsaufnahme pro m3/h 0,27 W/(m3/h), bei Referenzvolumenstrom, ohne Lüftungsgitterheizung;
0,41 W/(m3/h), bei Referenzvolumenstrom, mit Lüftungsgitterheizung
(bei Filter KFS/KFS)
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Avoid mould with Halmburger

Proper heating and ventilation of living space sustainably conserves resources

  • creates a healthy indoor climate,
  • prevents mould,
  • avoids structural damage due to excessive humidity in the room and
  • saves long-term heating costs.

Please download the PDFs on the topic of Halmburger wohnraum ventilation here.

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