MKL MicroPore dehumidification plaster® made of pure air lime is manufactured by the company under license as gräfix® as lime plaster.

The house gräfix® produces a variety of lime plasters, which MKL SolidTechnology GmbH uses for renovation – renovation – modernization. These plasters are in the system and can be perfectly combined with other products of the manufacturer.

Example of lime plaster against moist walls

When renovating masonry, it was good to remove the entire plaster, which was partly damaged by rising moisture. In the area of the rising humidity, the diffusion-open MicroPore dehumidification plaster® was applied, and in the area above it was further plastered with a pure lime plaster of gräfix®.
The result is a uniform appearance and an unsurpassed freshness through lime.

For your health and well-being, lime has been an unsurpassed natural and sustainable building material for centuries, not only for renovating/modernizing, but also for new construction.