CALE3D PRIME is a partner of MKL SolidTechnology.

CALE3D PRIME manufactures liquid glass of the highest quality. In the processing of the special coatings, only material from our own patented development is used.

3D Liquidglass floor and wall coatings are used in new construction as well as in the exclusive renovation and modernization of the old building.

CALE3D Prime Liquid glass can be used individually in many areas

  • Residential and public buildings
  • Sauna, pool, wellness area
  • Sanitary rooms in offices or private
  • Cafes and restaurants
  • Shops and shopping centres, clubs
  • Kindergartens and schools
  • Health care institutions
  • Garages and parking

CALE3D Prime Liquidglass meets the highest quality standards for material and workmanship

  • Seamless processing
  • Waterproof – also suitable for pool solutions
  • Different slip classes
  • Surface hardness freely selectable
  • Fire resistant
  • UV-stable according to Ö-standard
Explanation of the structure of CALE3D Prime Liquidglas


With 3D floors there is free choice for colors, images, motifs, logos. Ask us.

CALE3DPrime Example for Floors and Colors Liquid Glass

The product warranty and on-site processing guarantees our customers our excellent team of employees.

The warranty for coating on concrete is 3 years, on metal and wood surfaces at least 2 years.

Due to our protected brand and the method of construction, we are currently the only company that can guarantee processing with this product.

CALE 3D Prime Quality Seal