Concrete as a material stands for stability, safety, clear beauty: harmony

MKL betonpure made of special cement is not only attractive in design – clear additional advantages of concrete outweigh.

  • living areas, working environments; as a background or center
  • For indoor and outdoor use;
  • Water resistance
  • walls, ceilings, floors; Tile coatings
  • Simple and safe processing
  • Design: individually minimalist to opulent
  • Structures by smoothing or peaching with spatula techniques; Shades
  • Surface design is unlimited, be it by editing with tools, stencils; up to artistic: by selective application of some layers and their structural processing, e.g. to achieve different depth effects.

The result of MKL betonpure are seamless, seamless and waterproof surfaces: a clear advantage in many areas, especially in the bathroom and kitchen and much more.