Progress in the field of refurbishment by AERO-dry renovation plaster system® ®

AERO-dry renovation plaster system® in case of salt contamination and moisture of the masonry. Each in itself a problem that many homeowners, sanitising companies and specialists know very well. That’s why everyone is looking for an optimal solution to effectively rehabilitate the masonry.

MKL SolidTechnology offers the sustainably innovative solution.

AERO-dry renovation plaster system® consists of a sturdy open-pored plastic mat as a tangle in a thickness of approx. 2 cm, which is applied to the masonry with plate plugs damaged by rising moisture or condensation.

The masonry is first freed from the damaged plaster, smoothed or plastered with a layer of MicroPore dehumidification plaster ®.

The plastic mat is then doweled and the first layer is wound with commercially available lime plaster or light plaster (open to diffusion). Before drying this layer, a plastic fabric is pressed in and after drying the last layer of plaster is applied.

The outer edges of the plastered mat are sealed with a tape. This results in a standing air layer of approx. 1.5 cm as insulation!

The resulting air cushion is the ideal thermal insulation and at the same time an optimal sound decoupling of a long service life.

Any craftsman can apply the system with commercially available tools. Price-comparable with renovation plaster.

AERO-dry renovation plaster system® is sustainably diffusion-open. Mold and moder have no chance. As a result, moisture can be released permanently unhindered via the natural lime plasters. The surfaces with natural materials create a sustainably healthy indoor climate and also provide an environmentally and monumental lyre-

Each additional surface should be made with mineral materials: lime paints, lime spatula, silicate paints, etc.

With AERO-dry renovation plaster system, consequential damage is excluded during the masonry refurbishment.

The separation of the different pH value from the salt-contaminated masonry and newly applied plaster, achieved by AERO-dry renovation plaster system®, means that the salts can no longer migrate into the new plaster.

There is no consequential damage. As a rule, all wall drainage methods are subject to consequential damage, whether mechanical separation, horizontal and vertical locks, injection systems or the electrophysical system.


Structure of the layers AERO-dry renovation plaster system

  1. Masonry (renovation area)
  2. Flush-mounted, 10 mm adhesive mortar (optional)
  3. AERO-dry® Plaster carrier mat (wire nest)
    with plastic plate dowels
  4. Top plaster No. 1
  5. Reinforcement (reinforcement fabric)
  6. Top plaster No. 2
  7. Surface layer
    (lime techniques/lime paint/silicate paint)
Aero-dry renovation plaster system Structure single layers

Examples in the application of the AERO-dry renovation plaster system®