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MKL specializes in lime products and more

The MKL range includes a wide range of beautiful and above all healthy products, especially for surface design in many shades and structural possibilities. Lime products are able to absorb rapidly emerging moisture through showers, living. Lime products usually store moisture and release it quickly again through ventilation, lime also binds odours.

Lime is a historically grown building material that is once again gaining in importance in today’s modern building culture.

With regard to the use of ecological natural building materials, without chemical and health-inducing substances, the lime products meet all requirements in new construction, refurbishment and attractive surface design.

Versatile surfaces made of natural slate stone in approx. 2-3 mm thickness offer the possibility of the flat design of showers, living and working/sales rooms.

Our lime plaster products, of the highest quality, are mainly manufactured by gräfix® and are continuously tested in their own laboratory. In addition, Tüv Rheinland performs annual tests for MKL to ensure absolutely safe production. gräfix®is an extremely reliable company with an almost one hundred-year family tradition. gräfix® can be coloured according to pattern (e.g. for plasters, joint material) individually, especially for the renovation / renovation of historic buildings or land walls very important.

Lime spatula products are manufactured by three different Italian manufacturers according to MKL specifications. These companies guarantee a production according to the old tradition and guarantee a consistent quality according to MKL scale.

MKL myStein is a surface covering made of natural slate stone in a thickness of approx. 2-3 mm. Offers the possibility of the flat design of showers, living and working/sales rooms.

Rediscover the valuable lime, the increase for damp and salted walls MKL MicroPore dehumidification plaster®

  • highly porous, therefore capillary active
  • moisture-resistant from the outside
  • moisture and vapour permeable, in particular for the removal   of excess moisture from the masonry
  • sustainable = permanent during renovation, modernization of masonry indoors and outdoors, especially in the event of rising moisture and wall salts
  • Use also well proven in the preservation of monuments: churches, castles, fortification walls …
  • Mold and moder are without chance, since KALK disinfecting and fungicidal without additives. Our Central European culture has proven itself for thousands of years.
  • the high pH value for dehumidification plaster of 12.4 does not allow mould to grow
  • binds   odours in living and working spaces
  • creates an optimal and healthy living space climate
  • is tinted exclusively with natural pigments – again environmentally friendly
  • It is easy to apply by hand or machine technology, even in several layers. Ensures permanent surfaces, thus protecting the environment and guaranteeing healthy living.
  • Due to the changing light incidence, a wall painted with lime, both indoors   and outdoors, has a depth effect and has a slightly marbled effect – the specialthing !
  • Outside, lime prevents the warming of the masonry as a paint, especially in increasingly hot summer months.
  • a Plaster for interior and exterior; from the first to the last shift!
  • Joint material, – for permanent diffusing of moisture over the joint cross-section
  • Sludges
  • Sinter water for fresco colours
  • Scraper
  • Colour, with natural soil and pasty pigments

MKL SolidTechnology GmbH

We are a competent and strong team who will be happy to implement your visions with you from renovation to completion.  We are happy to accompany your construction projects on an ongoing and expert manner. We look forward to seeing you.

Our lime products

The original – is our main product. It cannot be imitated. It is for inside and outside, for all plaster layers, at the same time mortar and joint material in different grains. This special lime plaster with MicroPoren is able to transport the moisture in the form of water vapor permanently from the masonry,   while the salts remain in the masonry in crystalline form.

By forming micropores in our MicroPore dehumidification plaster®, no salts can be transported into the plaster. Thus, there is no damage to plaster and paint due to salt crystals on the surface.

Lime paint and stucco materials – MKL provides mineral earth pigments, pasty pigments; with this, the skilled person can design individual natural surfaces with suitable tools.

MARMOSANO Verde® – the innovative, traditional swamp lime spatula combines the advantages of the proven natural material lime with modern design in design and colour; creates a healthy room climate, does not allow mould to grow, banishes fashion.

The right technology and innovations for our natural-based building materials

The innovative infrared heating/temperature; is currently also available as a complete heating system, incl. Photovoltaics with electricity storage for modern objects. – Is also a warranty product for mold remediation as temperature control.

MKL residential ventilation, also for dormitories with heat recovery; Cellar ventilation, dew point controlled, ensures the right ventilation and ventilation.

AERO-dry-Saniersystem®   – an “air-based” interior insulation. A “built-in” air layer   of approx. 15 mm, from cold walls (heat bridges) become warm walls. Healthy and optimally usable, for wall moisture, salt pollution and also for thermal bridges. A product with warranty also for monument protected objects.

Vogt-Bauhammer for easy and quick removal of wall and floor coverings.
A lightweight with many advantages that convince everyone.

With our building materials and the right technology, you get the ultimate solution against moisture and mold!

Advice, training and quality

In order to ensure continuous quality control and improvement, we regularly advise and train our wholesale customers and processors. Our employees are highly motivated and very knowledgeable. We constantly strive for optimal customer advice and customer support. The quality assurance and innovation of our product range is important to us.

Our experienced consultants supervise the individual construction project of the customer from the vision to the execution. We cooperate with the laboratories of our producers and also with the laboratory of the Technical University of Deggendorf. We successfully market our products in the EU countries of Central Europe and Russia and cooperate with more than 800 sales partners. BEST service for our customers is the most important thing for us.