Proper ventilation!

Ventilation time

Open the windows wide, provide 5 to 10 minutes for complete air exchange.
The exchange of used air for fresh air works very quickly in cold outdoor temperatures.
Below +5 °C, a maximum of 5 minutes is sufficient.

Airing even in rain

Heated in the apartment, cold humid air quickly results in dry room air.

Moisture through sleeping, showering, cooking

The moisture that arises when sleeping, showering and cooking should be dissipated directly into the open air through an open window or open patio door. Untilted windows, use doors for this purpose, as the replacement is small.
Please also make sure that the moisture is not directed to other open rooms. Otherwise, condensate can develop on cold corners, so the best conditions for mould!

Laundry drying in the apartment

A wash dry in the apartment can be a reason for moisture in the rooms. Please place in the apartment only at the correct room temperature and humidity. To regulate the humidity, close the door of the room and perform shock ventilation several times during the drying period. This means that there is no damage caused by mould in the long term.

Cellar ventilation in summer

Basement rooms only ventilate when it is colder outside than in the basement. Already in early summer, the warm air from outside is harmful, because its moisture load condenses on the cold components and furnishing objects. It’s best to air at night.

Healthy indoor climate through automatic ventilation

The ventilation of rooms is becoming more and more important as our habits and construction methods have changed. Aeration is becoming more and more a complex undertaking. Let yourself be helped by the automatic ventilation of Halmburger. Read more here.

Never again a damp cellar room

The basement rooms should be ventilated at the optimum dew point in order to ventilate the cellar rooms optimally, to get dry and to avoid mould if possible. With the MKL dew point ventilation control, you ventilate your basement rooms at the perfect time. Read more.